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Charles Sargent announces he is retiring from Legislature – swamp draining is occurring

Rep. Charles Sargent, Beth Harwell’s minion whom she personally appointment to control the powerful and weaponized House Finance committee, is a Republican from Williamson County who has announced that he will not seek re-election according to a story in the Williamson Herald.

In his role as the chair of the House Finance committee, Sargent has been referred to as a “mastermind” of the State’s budget which he has apparently “masterminded” to massively grow by almost One Third (approximately $10 BILLION dollars) in just 7 years at the expense of Tennessee families and taxpayers.


Just as Bob Corker likely saw the writing on the wall and announced his “retirement” rather than face an embarrasring defeat, Establishment Republican Charles Sargent, whom Tennessee Firearms Association has targeted twice in 2014 and 2016 with election challengers, has announced his “retirement”.  Sargent barely won re-election in 2014 over challenger Steve Gawrys, who was backed by TFA, by far less than 300 votes which should have sent a strong message.

Tennessee Firearms Association had met recently with Rebecca Bruke who has already announced that she would be challenging Sargent in 2018 should he seek re-election.  Mrs. Burke had already received the endorsement of WWTN 99.7 FM radio host Michael DelGiorno and was expected to receive strong support from many in the conservative arm of the Williamson county GOP as well as from conservative interests groups.

Is Diane Black misrepresenting facts about her 2nd Amendment “bona fides” and are the NRA’s endorsement trustworthy?

Voters should question endorsements that do not match the facts – particularly on 2nd Amendment issues. Presently, in Tennessee, a number of incumbent candidates like Charles Sargent, Doug Overbey and even congressional incumbent Diane Black are touting their high ratings and endorsements from a certain national firearms advocacy group. It is obvious to many who…

2016 TFA Candidate Survey Released

Tennessee Firearms Association 2016 Candidate Survey The TFA has surveyed all candidates for State House and State Senate in Tennessee in advance of the August 2016 primaries.  Rather than give “ratings” or “endorsements” which can be misleading and/or influenced by inappropriate factors, the TFA is making three documents available.   The Survey Questions.  These are…

Enter to Win a Bushmaster M4A3 Patrolman Rifle! Promotion has ended

We are giving away a Bushmaster M4A3 Patrolman. The Bushmaster A3 Patrolman is modeled after the M4 carbine but features a longer chrome-lined barrel, birdcage flash suppressor, A3 upper receiver, 6 position adjustable stock and removable carry handle. To enter the contest, simply go to the giveaway page for the M4A3 Patrolman  and sign-up for…

TFALAC Legislative Review – 2015

Tennessee Firearms Association – 2015 Legislative Review Executive Summary: How did the Republican super majority and the Republican governor do? About as expected knowing that the Republican caucuses are allowing themselves to be controlled by an oligarchy of progressives. For example, they were given the chance to enact Constitutional Carry, permitless open carry, repeal vague…