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Thank you for participating in TFA’s and TFALAC’s survey!

If you appreciate our efforts,, please consider joining TFA and/or making a donation to the TFALAC, a registered Tennessee political action committee. 

TFA is a nonprofit corporation that advocates for your 2nd Amendment rights in Tennessee and is viewed by many as the state’s only “no compromise” 2nd Amendment advocate.

TFALAC is a registered state PAC which has worked for more than 2 decades to help support the political battle that we are forced to fight to elect only those legislators and other elected officials who really mean it when they take an oath to defend, protect and uphold the Constitution – all of the Constitution.

Since TFALAC is a state PAC, its operations are governed by state laws and regulations. These are different than federal law in several important respects.

For example, there are at least two significant differences in federal and state law regarding PACs. One is that there is no limit on the size or amount of contributions that a state PAC can accept from an individual, family or business.

Another important different is that businesses, including corporations, can contribute to a Tennessee state PAC.

The Tennessee website concerning PACs contained this information as of January 2015:

15. Are corporate campaign contributions allowed in Tennessee?

Yes, beginning on June 1, 2011 corporate contributions are allowed to be made to candidates and PACs in Tennessee.

Corporations making campaign contributions totaling over $250 in the aggregate to candidates in a calendar quarter must register as a PAC and file campaign financial disclosure reports.

16. Are there any dollar limitations on the amount of contributions an individual may make to a PAC?

No, there are no limits on the amount of contributions that may be made to a PAC.

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