2017 Annual Dinner – September 30, 2017

The TFALAC’s 2017 Annual Dinner was held on:

Saturday, September 30, 2017
9:30am to 2:00pm (doors open at 9:00am and meal is served around 11:00 (or whenever its ready!!))



Lee Beaman and Beaman Automotive Group – Beaman Automotive and Lee Beaman are strong and regular supporters of the constitution and your rights as citizens.  We welcome Lee and Beaman Automotive as one of our prime sponsors for this event.  We are also expecting, like last year, that there just may be a selection of new vehicles to get your attention at the event!

Bill Goodman’s Gun & Knife Show – The Goodman Gun & Knife Show has been a TFA corporate member for many years.  Recently, the Goodman Gun & Knife Show joined with TFA to bring the litigation against Nashville over the ban of gun shows from the Fairgrounds.  While that issue remains unresolved, we welcome the Goodman Gun & Knife Show as an event sponsor this year and encourage you to stop by and say thanks whenever you attend one of its shows!

Cynthia and Tracy Miller – Mr. and Mrs. Miller have been consistently strong supporters of TFALAC and we welcome their continued support!

Senator Kerry Roberts is a member of the Tennessee Senate.  Senator Roberts serves on the Senate Judiciary committee, he has sponsored 2nd Amendment legislation and he is a reliable, trusted friend of TFA and gun owners in Tennessee.

Buford Tune and the Academy of Personal Protection and Security (www.appstraining.com) is one of the original life members in the TFA and has been a strong recruiter and supporter for over 2 decades.  Mr. Tune operates a full time training programs for civilians and professionals, serves as an expert witness in a variety of use of force cases and is a retired Metro Police Officer.   APPS also works with TFALAC as a gun dealer and will be handling the event guns for 2017.

Donelson Wrecker Service (www.donelsonwreckerservice.com) has joined the effort as a first time sponsor of the TFALAC mission.  We are glad to announce their support and encourage you to contact them if and when you need assistance.

Beretta USA has been one of the event sponsors the last few years and has agreed to sponsor another gun this year for the auction.  TFA really appreciates the support from Beretta.

Marty Luffman, a State Farm agent based in Smyrna, Tennessee, has joined our team of event sponsors!  TFA really appreciates the support from Marty and encourages you to check with him if you have insurance questions.

Daniel Turklay is a Nashville area attorney and former volunteer for TFA.

Rep. Dawn White (R. Murfreesboro) is a three term member of the House of Representatives.  She serves on the House Business and Education committees.  She has also announced that she will seek the Senate seat for that area (currently held by Bill Ketron) in 2018.

T.Rex Arms (www.trex-arms.com/) is a Tennessee firearms accessory manufacturer specializing in conventional and unconventional custom Kydex gear.

Dr. Steven Hernandez and Lifetime Dentistry (www.lifetimedentistry.biz) is a Nashville area dentist who is also a veteran who served 4 years in the US Army with the 82nd Airborne Division.


Growing List of Auction Items!!

Heavenly Hideaway – THE TOP AUCTION ITEM IN 2016!!  –   Cyndiy and Tracy Miller are offering their vacation rental at Old Seagrove for 3 nights/4 days restricted to January 15-May 9, 2018 or October 20-Dec 8, 2018.  The value is at least $2,100.   https://www.vrbo.com/434331#summary

Guns – we expect to have the following – one of which will likely be the door prize!

Ruger All American bolt, blued, 30-06 rifle
Ruger 10/22, takedown TALO rifle
Ruger 10/22, red camo, 25 rd magazine
Ruger 10/22, takedown w/case
Ruger LC9s Pro pistol
Ruger LC9s, raspberry pistol
Savage Security Pump, 18 1/2″ bbl, standard stock shotgun
Ruger American Compact Rifle, bolt, blued, 7mm/08
Mossberg Shockwave 12gauge shotgun
Ruger Vaquero, .45 Colt, stainless, 5 1/2″ barrel
S&W Model 642, .38 Special +P, Airweight, stainless
S&W Model 642, .38 Special +P, LadySmith, stainless
Ruger LCR, .38 Special +P, blued, concealed hammer
Colt Expanse M4 rifle
SIG M400 rifle
Remington TAC14 12 gauge shotgun
Beretta Nano 9mm pistol
Beretta Neos INOX .22lr pistol

Other items:

Signed and autographed violin and case by Tennessee’s own Charlie Daniels
Custom leather holsters by Rob Biancheri
Custom holsters by T.Rex Arms
Marilyn Monroe Merlot – collectors edition
On Target Range Pass

TFA shirts and hats available


If you are interested in sponsorships, there are several tiers of sponsorship. All sponsors will receive promotional material inclusion and recognition on event advertising and during the event.

Tier 1 Sponsor (2 Available)

$10,000 would include extra large printed banner to be positioned with the TFA logo behind the speaker podium. Would also have a display table if desired and a complimentary 10 tickets to the event. In addition, this package includes a complimentary, special ordered TFA leather bomber jacket with concealment pockets.

Tier 2 Sponsor (4 Available – update 3 available!!)

$5,000 would include large printed banner to be positioned on the stage. Would also have a display table if desired and a complimentary 8 tickets to the event.

Tier 3 Sponsor (8 Available – update 7 available)

$2500 would include printed banner to be positioned near the stage. Would also have a display table if desired and a complimentary 6 tickets to the event.

Tier 4 Sponsor (20 Available – update 19 available)

$1000 would include inclusion on a printed banner at the event. Would also have a display table if desired and a complimentary 4 tickets to the event.

Tier 5 Sponsor (20 Available)

$500 would include inclusion on a printed banner at the event and a complimentary 2 tickets to the event.


$350 and allows the vendor to set up a single table and promote / sell their merchandise. Will include 2 admission tickets to the event. Those desiring to participate as a gun show participant would require this level of participation as a minimum.