2016 TFA Candidate Survey Released

Tennessee Firearms Association 2016 Candidate Survey

The TFA has surveyed all candidates for State House and State Senate in Tennessee in advance of the August 2016 primaries.  Rather than give “ratings” or “endorsements” which can be misleading and/or influenced by inappropriate factors, the TFA is making three documents available.


  1. The Survey Questions.  These are a blank copy of the actual questions that were sent to each candidate.  Notice on the first page that each candidate was notified that the failure to respond to a survey was be classified as all “negative” responses.
  2. The Candidate Plege.  Each Candidate was asked to sign the pledge of actions that TFA is asking them to take on your behalf.
  3. The Candidate Responses.  TFA has tablated the responses into a spreadsheet.  This response shows an “S” for support under each question that the candidate answered with an unqualified supportive answer.  If the candidate did not answer the question or the answer was negative, then the response is blank to indicate a negative response and make the grid easier to identify positive responses.  Once again, a candidate that did not return his or her survey is presumed to have answered in the negative on all questions. Further, any candidate who refuses to answer a survey disclosing in writing what they do or do not support should be cautiously avoided.

TFA has scanned all original candidate responses in the event a candidate wishes to challenge the tabulations.  TFA does not plan, at this time, to post the individual scanned responses online.

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